Your take on Anti Virus software

Discussion in 'Tech' started by Cold Gin, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Cardiff, Wales
    I use AVG from Grisoft on my laptop, and a portable version of Clamwin on my flash disk, I recommend AVG anyday, with Clamwin as a possible back option.
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    Microsoft Security Essentials has been working fine for me. I don't even notice it's there, but it will alert me if I go to a suspicious website (one that contains actual malware) or open a file with a virus. It updates itself everyday without user interaction, too.
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    No one mentioned Clamwin? It's light, opensource and you can even run the linux version and have it scan your Windows Partition for threats.

    Ok, it sucks for windows but great for linux

    I just restored an image after a Rogue/super fake Antivirus hijacked my Windows XP system. Guess Clamwin didn't protect me :) Yay.