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Discussion in 'Tech' started by internetnotworking, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    My landlord recently installed a wireless router (d link), and two days ago I installed a wireless adapter to my p3 1.7gig processor desktop computer.

    I successfully connected to his network, and the icon says "strong signal" and "good connection". However, when I try to connect on Mozilla Firefox (latest version), it never uploads any websites. Also I keep on trying to log onto msn messenger, doesn't work.

    In the control panel, "network connections" section; it says 'connected, firewalled'.

    I am using Windows XP.

    My landlords' computer is directly below me in the basment (not far).

    please email me at badboyloy@hotmail.com if you have any ideas as to what I could do.

    Thank You.
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    It's pretty apparent he has a WEP/WPA key. Get that
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    If it was a WEP/WPA enabled it would say so when you double click the network conection in the bottom right. If it is encrypted you will need the key, if not let us know and we can try to help from there.
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    hey guys thanks for replying

    ok so I gave him my hard drive, and he installed bell sympatico software on it (canadian internet provider) and I guess the cookies are something went on the hard drive. So now I can upload web pages, butfor some reason my windows messenger isn't working (yes I did enter the right password). It says, " check your password, wrong password"

    Also it takes so long to upload these webpages, like anally long! So I spoke to him and he said that after a few days it would speed up. ok?!?

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    what can I do to get my wireless internet working properly?

    Yeah the internet only works when I boot up the computer. After a couple of hours the websites 'time out' or it says the server was 'reset'. Like I said it takes painfully long just to log onto hotmail. It feels like an old dial up modem, or it feels even slower than that.

    So what can/should I do to make the connection faster?

    My wireless adapter is 54mbps, and most of the time the connection says the signal strenght is very good.