Windows Update error 8024001b

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    This is on my girlfriends computer. I have been trying to fix this problem myself and have done many google searches and have still not solved the problem.

    Windows says:
    If you receive Windows Update error 8024001b while trying to install updates, an update for Windows Update itself is being installed. Depending on how many programs are currently running and which operating system files or folders are affected while this update is being installed, it might take several minutes before you can install other updates for your computer. Try installing updates again later.


    Well I have given the computer lots of time as you can tell from the screen capture, almost a year and it still says this all the dang time. I have done a system restore and tried a couple other methods I found off google but can still not fix this problem. Windows defender will also not update. Can someone please take a crack at this? I do not have the computer in front of me so any suggestions I receive will be tried over the weekend.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Windows Update failure 0x8024001B

    0x8024001B indicates that the update(s) failed, because a self update of Windows Update was in progress.

    You will need to install the second update titled Windows Update Agent on its own. This should clear up that particular failure, but the other two errors suggest possible issue with the download cache. So I also recommend that you purge that cache to allow Windows Update to download fresh copies of each update.

    Again, once you’ve purged the cache, search for updates, and then install that particular update on its own. If the update fails for any reason please let us know whether it was during download or install, and with what error code.

    How-to Clear the Windows Update Cache
    Open the Command Prompt.
    ·          Click Start, click All Programs, and click Accessories.
    ·          Right-click Command Prompt, and select Run as administrator.
    ·          Click Continue if prompted to do so.
    Rename the cache folder.
    ·          Type the following, and press Enter after each line:
            net stop wuauserv
            ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.OLD
            net start wuauserv
    Check for Windows Update.
    ·          Click Start, click All Programs, and select Windows Update.
    ·          Click on Check for updates.
    ·          Once the search is complete click on View available updates.
    ·          Locate the update for the Windows Update Agent, and install only that update.
    ·          If it installs successfully proceed with installing the other updates as usual.
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    i luv you man lol

    ill try this as soon as i get the laptop in front of me.

    thanks again. i really appreciate it.