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    I was thinking about all this situation..

    Would be so fun that a powerful army would come to the US to do the Saddam trick and remove Bush from his chair.. and then hanging him
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    Yeah, it's totally comparable. Especially since Bush has used chemical weapons to quell domestic uprisings and the such. Totally.
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    It's not Bush that runs the show. Bush is just the powers that be's way of getting the world to look at the right hand, so we don't see what the left hand is doing. 'The military industrial complex' has alot more to do with the strings that get pulled than any prez.....and they (mic) aren't even the top dawgs. And anyone that blames any particular political figure is simply buying into the smoke and mirrors. Simply put, if you think Bush is all that powerful.....you're only seeing an illusion. The illusion we're all expected to buy into. It's hiding in plain sight.
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    Mr Wiskas is the winner.

    Corporations like Betchel, Haliburton, KBR, Black Water and Titan make tens of billions of dollars off no bid, cost plus contracts which are the antithesis of capitalism.

    For those of you who are not familiar with cost plus contracts, the government pays whatever your cost was plus a percentage that is intended for profit.

    Anyone with the math skills of a 4th grader would recognize that the higher the initial cost, the bigger the yield from the percentage. In a 10% cost plus contract, why would I build a $200 million project and get $20 million profit when I can build a $400 million project and get $40 million profit? Where does that money come from? You.