What do you all pay for rent/mortgage?

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    the thing is, public transportation still sucks in WA. it's only good if you live IN Seattle or happen to live near one of the few train stops. taking a bus to seattle if you live outside of it just isn't an option. I live 20 miles south of seattle and it said I'd have to be on buses for 7+ hours to get to seattle lol. obviously that is not an option. luckily, i live near one of the train stops.

    like i said, i'd like to live in seattle so i can walk or ride my bike (or take the bus) to work. but kent is just cheaper. i'm going to see if I can find a roommate that wants to live in seattle, then I'll get a 2 bedroom apartment and actually save some money and have a larger space. paying $800+ for a small studio just isn't worth it to me.

    and, tex, it just depends on where you are in texas. I was born and lived 13 years in the Dallas area and public transportation was fine.
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    when i lived in Flowermound (suburb of Dallas) i dont remember seeing one public bus. all i saw were huge trucks/SUV's and boats parked at the Albertson's/TomThumb grocery stores on Friday night loading up with beer, meat, beer, ammunition, beer, and gas.