The Funniest Thing I've Seen in Awhile

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    A rant because i'm bored.

    So I just recently moved into a gated apartment community.Belvedere Apartments - Richmond, VA - Belvedere Apartments It's really nice and has a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, 24hr gym, car wash station, lake, etc... so the people you expect to live in here are young, single business men and women and old people. My roommate and I are of a small minority of young people who can afford to rent in the community. However, in my particular building (there are 10 seperate buildings consisting of 16-24 apartments over 2-3 floors) we have 2 single parents who have highschool aged kids.

    These kids, as I have found out just today, are hood gangsta's. I mean.. to full effect these suburban white boys are straight out of Compton. Ok... they aren't really at all but here I am, reading and doing homework on my night off from work and school, and I am pleasantly disturbed by their shenanigans. These motherfuckers are skating outside in a parking lot full of E36/E46 BMW's, Jaguars, and Saabs while blasting Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio on their friends Honda Civic's system. Seriously... Gangsta's Paradise.

    Any song that sounds just as cool with Weird Al doing the cover sucks ass and is not, in any way, gangsta.

    I go out there to smoke a cigarette and make sure my car isn't in any danger and the kids start putting on a harder act by lighting up a joint and turning up the music. Now i smoke plenty of weed and don't have a problem with them doing the same.. but there are 2 cop cars parked on the other side of my building and they work the night shift. With the loud music and clanking of their skate boards they are going to wake up some night shift cops and bring negative attention to my building.

    Anyways.. they ended up doing a mini frontwheel drive burnout(lolz) and speeding off for 10ft to the stop sign before leaving the complex. Kids..