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Discussion in 'Tech' started by Lord Kain, May 12, 2013.

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    if lord kain doesn't mind im just going to use this thread to keep posting my interesting droid finds....

    my youtube videos were loading slow over wifi on my droid phone and i had no idea why(would play for a couple minutes then load for 30 seconds for no reason). i have a pretty good internet connection and have no problem loading videos on my laptop. so i started searching around online and found i was not the only to complain about this. i guess certain ISP's purposely throttle down websites like youtube and netflix because they are not affiliated with the ISP. A pretty chicken shit thing to do if you ask me.

    so i found this on reddit through a google search.

    I personally used AFWall+ with the script above and it worked perfectly on my galaxy s4. 90% of the videos load with no problem now and they play continuously after loading with no more stopping in-between.

    I also found a fix to this problem for PC's and MAC's if anyone wants me to post the link to that as well. I guess brighthouse/time warner cable do this to peoples home computers as well.
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    it's all good with me. Thanks for your findings!