Ten Best Live Performance Video Game Music Videos

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    [size=+1]Ten Best Live Performance Video Game Music Videos[/size]

    Here's a list of some amazing videos performed by ordinary people that were obviously very into video games and great at playing music. Enjoy!

    #1) Zelda on Ukulele
    YouTube - Zelda ukulele

    #2) Megaman 2 Bubble Man theme song on piano
    YouTube - Mega Man 2 on piano

    #3) Classic game themes Orchestrated
    YouTube - Video Games Live - Classic game themes Orchestrated

    #4) Final Fantasy VII battle song on guitar
    YouTube - Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme on guitar

    #5) Mario on the Piano (Blindfolded)
    YouTube - Mario Piano


    #6) Metroid and Punchout Themes on guitar
    YouTube - AdamAntium does Metroid & Punchout on Guitar

    #7) PC games (The Sims, Starcraft, Age of Empires II, and Warcraft II themes)
    YouTube - Computer Game Themes on Piano

    #8) Final Fantasy Piano Medley (part 1)
    YouTube - Final Fantasy Piano Medley (part#1)

    #9) Final Fantasy Piano Medley (part 2)
    YouTube - Final Fantasy Piano Medley (part#2)

    #10) Megaman 2 Flash Man theme song