Shadow of the Collosus / Burnout Revenge

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    Just played a demo of each:

    SotC is pretty nifty. The main gameplay is platforming, even the boss battles. You explore a giant field until you find where you're supposed to go. Which is very easy, because anytime you don't know where to go or what to do, you can hold up your sword and whereever it reflects the light is where you're supposed to go.

    The boss fight was unique, and is making me look forward to the game. The Collosii(?) have long fur/hair growing out of there body. You jump onto this hair and use it to climb up them. The trick is they're also wearing armor and moving around while you're trying to climb up them. The boss fight I did played out like this:

    I jumped and held onto the back of his ankle, and then stabbed it, which dropped him to one knee. Stabbing it again made him pretty much fall over. He stayed like this for about 3 seconds, which was barely enough time to jump up onto his... ass. Stabbing his asscheeks a few times let me crawl up to his back (which had platform-like armor pieces sticking out). Finally I made it to his head, where I delivered a few more blows and he was down.

    Interesting concept.

    Burnout Revenge was just Burnout 3 in a new area. Only one race, and the only difference I noticed was that after every crash you could explode your car for more "aftertouch" effects.