Serious, recurring windows problems.

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  1. My computer was infected with some unknown virus or trojan, so I took the easy route out and formatted. But as soon as I installed lan drivers and zonealarm shit went bad. The whole screen locks for about a second, then it works for a couple more seconds, then the screen goes black. It happens every time I start, and happens within the first 30 seconds of windows being booted. I don't even have to log in for it do this.

    I've reinstalled windows about six times, with different disks, and every time the same shit. Anybody seen anything like this?

    EDIT:I figured out that it only happens when I get 3d driver's installed. 91's or 66's same shit. I unplugged the card's molex cable and it looks like it stopped. What the hell?! Is my card damaged?

    EDIT2: It's still happening even when unplugged. It doesn't happen when I'm using window's vesa drivers though. Nor does it happen in Ubuntu with the Linux 3d drivers. I'm gonna stab someone.
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    What video card are you talking about?
    Can you list your other system specs like mobo, PSU, cpu, etc
  3. I'm nearly positive the card is damaged. I took it out and put in an Old GF4 MX and it's working fine.

    I did not want to have to buy another video card.