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    The girly surprised me with Revenant Wings for Christmas. And what a perfect time too, as I just finished FFXII about 2 weeks ago.

    Put simply, Revenant Wings is an RTS, like Age of Empires minus resource grinding and building construction. Without spoiling FFXII, your 'leading man' is Vaan, bringing along Penelo and the other lowly kids from Lowtown. It takes off right after FFXII and adds Lemures, the hidden sky continent. <Insert a typical Final Fantasy plot here>

    Basically, you have leaders (Vaan, Penelo, Kytes, Balthier etc.) and you have Espers (Chocobo, Ifrit, Carbuncle etc.) each with their own elemental strengths and weaknesses. Take them to the battlefield and you collect experience per battle. The game offers a world map, but no random encounters. Your visited locations become open to monster/summoning/sky pirate melee. Grind the good EXP, gather the Espers and advance the story.

    Graphically, it's a good game with nice CG cutscenes now and then. As it's an RTS, you'll be doing only the top-down viewing, so get used it. My only problem that I found is with Ally AI. Sometimes you have a group of allies huddled and essentially creating a roadblock. For example, if my carbuncles are all in a row healing and Ifrit wants to attack a target but is behind the carbuncles, he's SOL and so is the player. Sometimes, you'll need to manually move units. Don't let it sway a playthrough though, the matter is trivial at best.

    5/5 bear paws - Took me 36 hours to beat at 96% - Highly recommend if you're A) a Final Fantasy goer and B) if you want a good RTS on the go.