Pentagon sets plans for Iranian military destruction

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    Monty Python FTW!
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    And if I were them and someone threatened to destroy my entire country I would not attack them directly, in fact I'd probably be more open to unconventional war tactics (terrorism anyone?).

    What was this war about again?

    So I fail to see how this would be a benefit to anyone unless you have stakes in companies like haliburton.

    Let me ask you this, if we didn't make threats to iran or any country part of the "axis of evil" what reason would they have to attack us, knowing full well that we could easily destroy them, what benefit would they receive?

    I can name a few reasons why america would attack certain countries and none of the reasons have to do with terrorism.

    You guys are playing right into this administration's hands and eating up every word they spew.
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    What most people don't understand is that Israel is the reason they hate America. Because America helped force Israel into the Middle East even though it never existed before. You talk about Iran gaining nuclear power and them putting the Middle East off balance? What about the fact that Israel is one of the countries with the largest active nuclear bomb/missile stock piles. They have one of the largest active militaries, and we give them billions of dollars every year to keep that country afloat. But in the eyes of the palestinians and most of the Middle East, Israel was never a country and was taken away from Palestine forcefully.

    Sure I don't agree with Iran, but I sure as hell don't agree with our governments plans and Israel's plans. We need to get out of the Middle East and let Israel dig it's own grave. I don't care about WWII, we shouldn't have helped force that country on the Middle East. Did you know that we used to control the dictator of Iran but then lost him due to a throw in power. This is also part of the reason why Iran hates us, because we have fucked their their government and power so much for our own purposes and now they know everything.

    There is too much to go on about this, but there was no Iraq war, there is no war on terror, congress never declared war. Let's hope that we can keep from further conflicts from happening.
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    Really North

    Way too much corruption and BS.