Original Xbox Controller Repair

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by hellfire662, Jul 18, 2007.

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    i have a xbox controller (s-type), the red and black wires are broken near the base of the controller, i dont know how it happened but i need help on repairing it plz.

    here are some pictures:

    xbox conroller

    wires-far view of the breakage

    close-up of the breakage

    close-up of the breakage w/ more light

    amount of wire left near the base (about 3-4 millimeters)

    amount of wire left after the base (also approx. 3-4 millimeters)

    the controller obviously does not work, i would really appreciate some help in repairing it, like i mentioned, it is the black and red wires in the s-type controller, they are both broken right at the base of the controller and about 3-4 millimeters are sticking out right now.

    Any help is greatly appreciated