New study upends longheld beliefs about proper study habits.

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    For the tl;dr crowd:

    You should study everything twice, but in 2 completely different settings. Don't abide by the "quiet, isolated workspace" as a 100% rule. Use it as one of your study rooms, then go out and study in the living room or back porch, something to change things up. Make sure you mix it up too, the more often you use the same sets of rooms the less likely you are to actually remember what you're studying.

    Also, studying different sets of things in the same session is better than cramming the same type of stuff over and over. If you're studying math then make sure you have at least 2 or more types of equations you're working on, preferably 3+. Doing the same multiplication tables over and over isn't as helpful because your brain starts to zone out new information and you won't remember as much the next day, but doing multiplication tables + fractions + finding geometry area = good. Don't stick to a pattern.

    I guess the tl;dr is probably too long for some, but read it anyway!
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    phantom has got it right.

    its all about rehearsal and making 'schemas' or pathawys in the brain. Lord Kain can probably give you chapter and verse about this. lol.

    I find that after a lesson / session I don't remember all of it and sometimes my notes ain't that great but if I wait an hour or 2 and re-write my notes I remember more and start to understand a little better. If you read through your notes the next day and a couple of days later you will remember more / retain more information. Continuing to read through your notes will help information retention. Obviously life can stick it's oar in and stop you doing this but re-reading notes regularly will help.

    I will also put up headings and bullet points all along my hall when cramming for exams: a series of posters that are simple but subliminally stick info in my brain. Sad I know and it may not please parents or partners but hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.
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    I have ADD (just the innattentive portion, not the hyperactive part) so pretty much any traditional studying is worthless to me.

    What I find useful is anything that ups the intensity level. For example, to glean material out of a book I probably have to read it 3-4 times and to even get that done I have to deal with rampant procrastination/lack of motivation. However watching a video on a subject can usually hold my attention about 10 times as well.

    That is why CBT nuggets has been a godsend for any IT studies I've needed. I usually force myself to read the book once and then watch the videos and they really help.
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    Same here, always been that way. If it's something I find interesting, I can study it for hours. Something fucked like law or marketing and I have to digest it much slower and pick out the major points and go back to them.
    Usually though, I don't "study" perse', I just go through the materials and test. I just took a licensing test a year after taking Construction contract law, DEQ/EPA laws, OSHA laws,
    and Employer regulations. I did not study, just went and took the test and easily passed it. I had awesome teachers though and the classes were small so going through the material initially was thourough and a lot of material stuck.