MGS4 to feature 90 minute long cutscenes

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by GRP, May 23, 2008.

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    It's not an exaggeration at all. The ending sequence is almost two hours long. Most of them are 20-45 minutes. I'd say total running time for the cutscenes (not even including codec sequences, not that there's that many) is somewhere around 12 hours. You've got it backwards, too. The beginning of the game is indeed cutscene heavy, but not at all compared to the end. The first 2 acts are the only acts with over an hour of gameplay in them, the last 3 just have scattered boss fights and the occasional sneaking room. Act 5 is literally 2 boss fights and a single room you have to sneak through.

    And wedge, I liked it because I'm an MGS whore. I knew what it was going to be when I bought it. I'm disappointed there wasn't more gameplay, but more than half of the cutscenes are amazing enough that I don't mind just watching them. Who cares if it's a game? That means you're only allowed x amount of cutscenes:gameplay ratio? There's so many epic moments, which even though they're very cutscene heavy, the gameplay bits are equally amazing.

    I gotta stress again, do not go near this game if you're not a MGS fan. You'll have to read a websters dictionary worth of information to even know what the hells going on, and you won't have any actual connection to the characters. So it won't matter.