List every car you've ever owned

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  1. tweakmonkey

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    And do you miss them?

    Here's my list:
    1989 Dodge Caravan 4-cyl (technically it was my parents, but I learned to drive on it) -no
    1984 Mustang 5.0 LX convertible -no
    1992 Eagle Talon TSI AWD -not yet
    1986 Honda Prelude POS I paid $400 for -no, but if it was nice maybe
    1986 Mustang LX 5.0 ex-highway patrol -yes, this car was sweet, paid $700!
    1996 Lincoln MkVIII -no, don't know why the hell I bought it, parted out
    1999 Mustang GT 35th anniv -yes, it was a hot GT, sounded amazing
    1992 GMC Sonoma (my $400 camping truck) -no

    1968 Porsche 912 -slow but sexy and fun to drive
    2001 Honda Insight 5 speed -I love this little car

    Cheater entries:
    1996 Mustang Cobra (never drove, parted out) -no
    1969 Mustang (project, never drove) -no
    1994 Honda Civic (never drove, parted out) -no

    Probably missed a couple but that's a good start. :)
  2. 86mcss

    86mcss Devouring your Soul

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    California, Bakersfield
    1986 Monte Carlo SS - I love this beast
    1995 GMC sonoma - kinda miss it, it was a fun truck
    1992 eagle talon - after tonight yes
    1990 eagle talon - NO
    1998 S10 Zr2 - No, my Silverado is tons more fun
    2002 Silverado - I love this bad bitch :D
    1996 cavalier - hell no
    1998 Lumina - its my current gas saver lol
    1998 Honda Prelude - havent even drove the bitch yet, waiting on parts still *sigh*
  3. Mr. Ali

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    CA, USA
    2005 Toyota Corolla - Bought new, totaled after 5 months of ownership - my civic is wayyyy better than this car so no, I do no miss it. I do miss the outdoor temp meter tho...
    2006 Honda Civic - Paid off and is my current Car

    EDIT: drove my moms 1997 Toyota Corolla back in the day for a year or so after getting my license but that does not count since I did not own it.
  4. braaains

    braaains gubble gubble

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    Portland, OR
    1974 Chevy K5 Blazer. I loved that truck. If only it didnt get -5mpg.
    1987 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si. Fun little car that went downhill quick.
    2003 Mitsubishi Galant total mom car, but dead on reliable/comfortable.
  5. bigwill51534

    bigwill51534 Saint, Church of Ryanism

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    Norfolk, VA
    1984 Datsun 210 (paid $150 for it, sold for $400) - beat the hell out of it, so yes!

    1968 Dodge D-100 shortbox stepside big block with truck 4sp - needed a lot of work, but still miss it

    1966 VW dune buggy (manx clone) - needed work, was a good project. Miss it dearly

    1989 Chevy suburban - first daily driver, totalled it - NO

    1968 Chevy 1/2 ton with factory 300hp 327ci motor - miss it, dad still has it

    1989 Suzuki Swift GTi - good gas mileage, fun to drive - YES

    1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP - hit a deer, totalling it. Loved it - YES

    1992 Isuzu Trooper - good vehicle to beat on, never got it stuck - no

    2005 Pontiac GTO - still have it,, couldn't see myself without it!

    Three different motorcycles (Honda Rebel, Honda Ascot, and Buell S-2 Thunderbolt)

    Wow, I've had a lot of vehicles....

    ~Will Courtier~
  6. ThatHideousStrength

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    1990 Chevy Lumina. This was my Mom's vehicle. I fucking hated driving this thing. It felt like a spaceship.

    1999 Chevy Caviler. I bought it back in 2002 for like 4 grand, it had like 10,000 miles. Then a fucking old lady rammed it and totaled it. I miss it only because, it was paid off.

    2002 Dodge Neon. I bought this because of my totaled car :(. It's not a bad car for what it is. Just a little underpowered.
  7. nidex

    nidex Hood Rich

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    '88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe - rolled that shit & burnt it to the ground. Yes I miss it, only because it was my first car.
    '86 Bonneville - got for $1 - Yes, this thing was an offroad machine.
    '94 Thunderbird 4.6 - bought for $600, thought it was cool at the time. - Not really.
    '89 Probe GT 2.2 turbo - also bought for $600ish - Don't miss it.
    '87 Firebird GTA - rusty piece of GM trash. - Don't miss it.
    '04 GLI - 57trim hotness - Miss this one alot.
    '90 Caravan 5spd - Miss the hell out of this one. Had it for about 4 days, crashed it into so much shit and had the cops looking for it for a hot minute. Got it for free.
    '90 Beretta - Also got it for free but sold it right away. Don't miss it.
    '98 A4 - just a driver. Put about 90,000 miles on it. Don't really miss it, nothing special about it.
    '96 Integra - current vehicle. I <3 my Honda.
    '92 Accord - bought it crashed, fixed it and flipped it. It was a nice daily driver for what it was, don't really miss it though.

    I might have missed one, I can't remember... but it's close enough.
  8. Dustin

    Dustin Junior Member

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    BC, Canada
    1981 Toyota Corolla SR-5 - Unstoppable taker of abuse, kind of miss it
    1985 Toyota MR2 - Miss it, but for no good reason because it was a clumsy oaf
    1989 Toyota Supra Turbo - Don't miss it at all
    1989 Honda Civic Si - Current car, hate it but I respect it sadly

    2005 Suzuki GS500F - Current bike, love it but want to sell it and move on already
  9. Jishory

    Jishory Junior Member

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    Elizabeth Lake, CA
    1995 GMC Jimmy, 2wd, 4.3, 150k miles, bad ass, miss it.
    still own:
    2003 Honda Civic EX
    1987 Chevrolet K5 Blazer
  10. ShabazKillaX

    ShabazKillaX I'm an F18 bro

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    Tampa, FL
    1983 Ford Fairmont - in a sick way, yes
    1993 Dodge Shadow - no. It broke every time I drove it
    1999 Ford Ranger - While fun, no
    2002 Ford Mustang GT - Not really.
    2003 VW GTI - 20th Anniversary Edition - Sort of
    2008 Acura TSX - current car
  11. hans5849

    hans5849 Serious as a heart attack

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    Manama, Bahrain
    1984 Chevy Celebrity Station Wagon - No
    1991 Pontiac 6000 - I was trying to total it
    1984 Chevy Celebrity Station Wagon - I got into a wicked accident in this car
    1991 Honda Accord - Yes, I enjoyed this car and comparing it to the 1991 Pontiac it was light years ahead in quality and engineering. Head Gasket Blew
    2003 Dodge Neon SXT - Current. It gets the job dun
  12. JustinL

    JustinL Junior Member

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    1998 Chevy Monte Carlo - no
    1995 Ford F250 Powerstroke - yea, I would have loved it more if it was a 4 door

    2000 Dodge Ram 2500
    1964 IH Scout 80
  13. Commissar Smersh

    Commissar Smersh 2020 Staff Member

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    Nuevo Springfield
    Learned to drive on:

    1969 VW Beetle 1600cc
    1995 Honda Accord Sedan 4 Cyl EX (totaled on the 5 during my parents morning commute)
    1996 Honda Accord Coupe 4 Cyl EX


    1990 Honda Accord 4 Cyl -The car was light weight and the 4 cyl had amazing pickup for the size surprisingly (Head Gasket blew like Hans)
    1996 Honda Accord 4 Cyl Ex (Traded in for the Passport when I moved to bumfuck Colo and each snowfall averaged 18" and they didn't plow right away)
    1999 Honda Passport V6 4WD Ex (Sold to my little bro. who still lived there when I moved up to Denver)
    2003 Acura RSX-S (Totalled when some bitch cut me off on the 225 :( )
    2004 Honda Accord EX-L V6 (Still driving this pimp-mobile)

    I may have some brand loyalty. :eek:
  14. ThatHideousStrength

    ThatHideousStrength Junior Member

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    Man you guys go through cars like you go through beer.
  15. Jackalope


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    Clute, Tx
    1989 Jeep Wrangler - still have it, 1st car

    1994 Chevy Astrovan - shaggin wagon, not at all

    1992 Ford Tempo - was actually a great little car in HS

    1972 Monte Carlo - Such a sweet ride, I miss this one, I just didn't have the cash to restore it like it needed.

    2001 Honda S2000 - Loved this car, but hated it at the same time.

    2003 Pontiac Sunfire - POS

    1997 Acura Integra - Work car, for being 6 yeas older than the pontiac, it still whips the shit out of it.

    2007 Honda Fit Sport - Current "real" car. It's nice, but I'm looking to get something alot more sporty this year or the next.
  16. Alex B

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    Los Angeles
    1982 Volvo 240DL - Owned for four years and change, never driven an inch under it's own power.
  17. Coleman

    Coleman fresh off the corner

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    San Francisco, California
    1998 Nissan 240sx- 2nd owner and I've had it for 8 years as of last month. - 93k miles.
  18. MSP

    MSP Haunting a dead forum...

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    1973 VW Super Beetle - gutted it for parts for my rail buggy.
    Rail buggy - (see above)
    1979 Chevy Nova - baby blue 4 door, rust accents, noisy push rods...
    1983 Ford Escort - hatchback, 1/4 mile in 58 seconds... ;)
    1986 Ford Thunderbird Turbo - the paint on it was fresh the day I totaled it.
    1989 Ford Escort - hatchback, found out later that I had bought it from my former father-in-law's lover... (!)
    1993 Ford Escort - wagon. I actually hauled a canoe around on this beast.
    2000 Mazda Protege
    1990s Ford Ranger - my old man's, don't even recall the year. Sold it after he died.
    2003 Mazda 6
    2007 Honda CRV
  19. ninefivezero

    ninefivezero infinite resolution

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    Somewhere on earth.
    Only 2 cars:

    2001 Toyota 4Runner- - Loved it but don't miss it.


    And my current car,

    2007 Subaru Impreza Wagon - Great car, glad I bought it.

  20. GRP

    GRP oh snap

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    Fort Myers, FL
    1997 Pontiac Firebird, had it since 2004, my first car. Love it, but it's falling apart. Planning on a new Camaro in two years or so.
  21. integra00

    integra00 Junior Member

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    Starting a small fire in ur moms panties
    1988 Hyundai Excel .. my first car ever do not miss.

    2000 Acura Integra .. my current car
  22. Chainblade

    Chainblade Junior Member

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    i've had too many...

    1988 Acura Legend (fun car but just had too many miles so it was breaking down)
    2003 Mazda Protege (the only brand new car I got. Crazy fun to drive...too small though)
    1999 Ford Mustang Anniversary Edition (miss this car the most, it was pimp)
    2000 Ford Mustang (got it 'cause i missed my 99 but it just wasn't as good)
    1993 Mercury Villager (got it for free from my parents lol)
    1993 Honda Accord (fairly decked out but unreliable)
    1992 Honda Accord (ugly but rock solid)
    1994 Ford Explorer (miss this one a lot. just something about it. but tranny and engine went out)
    1992 Ford Explorer (didn't like it as much as my 94)
    2007 Kia Optima (slick car, has tons of room...even fit my 6'6" body in there fairly comfortably)
    2000 Ford Expedition (got this in June. say what you want but having a big vehicle for myself is what I wanted. plus nice to have 4x4 in our unpredictable weather. gives me another hobby to get into as this is the first vehicle where i have the money to actually learn how to work on cars. it was an ex police expedition so it's pretty unique. plan on keeping it for a long time)
  23. Coleman

    Coleman fresh off the corner

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    San Francisco, California
    Man some of you need to learn how to treat your cars better or pick out non-lemons.
  24. Torx

    Torx Indigenous Nudist

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    sheesh. some of you have a rediculous auto history.
    these are what i own, havent gotten rid of them

    74 firebird - passed down from dad, sitting on a backwoods property
    57 ford f-100 pickup - passed down from dad, sitting on a backwoods property
    64 barracuda - passed down from dad, sitting on a backwoods property
    85 regal limited - given by my aunt, currently being worked on i miss driving it.
    and the lincoln ls - bought new-used
  25. Justin3

    Justin3 Balls of Steel

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    Shelton, CT
    - 1995 Chevy s10 ZR2 - still have and its a piece of shit.