HTC EVO 4G 30FPS Uncapped in Hardware 002 and 003.

Discussion in 'Tech' started by Torx, Jun 26, 2010.

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    this is just great news i had to share.
    out of the box this phone is crippled much like alot of past htc phones. Its capped at 30fps because htc believe its "enough" for the standard person. Claiming movies in theater dont go past 28 or 29fps or something... Which i DO agree for the average user may not even know or care unless they play games alot. For us tweakers and analistic perfectionists we want performance that the hardware is capable of.

    So, xda modders have already uncapped 003 hardware which is epson screens. Now theyve uncapped 002 hardware novatek screens. This will make gaming more enjoyable and all around smooth... not to say the phone isnt smooth already!!! This will be amazing. This phone gets better everyday!

    I think htc has been hesitant on uncapping it because they fear it'll run down the battery more, and some of us may not care about that, but if its a universal software update, EVERYBODY has to deal with the lower battery performance.. BUT battery performance has yet to be proven with testing of uncapped fps.

    ongoing thread. htc listens and rolls out updates per our request.. isnt that nice of dan hesse?
    this phone has a great community and support (as long as you push them)