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    Anyone check this out? Its still in beta form, but its been out for a while.

    Its an MMORPG made with the fallout 1 and 2 engines, world map is a combination of fallout 1 and 2 and takes place a few years before fallout 2 happens.

    Really cool game, I’m enjoying it a lot, though you probably have to be a diehard fallout fan to enjoy it. If you hated fallout 3 and loooove fallout 1 and 2 like myself, this is probably for you.

    Be forewarned, the game is extremely harsh, especially off the start. In true fallout/wasteland spirit pretty much anything goes, even in some towns which are unguarded or have weak guards, so you will die often and lose your gear until you can establish a tent or fort to hid stuff. The plus is you can craft more gear and don’t lose XP when you die. Higher lvl people will PK you for your gear, so its best to play with friends had travel in groups.

    You can DL here. http://fonline2238.blogspot.com/ Good luck :)

    Wiki tells you everything you need to know, I’d browse it before you start, most of the gear in the game is crafted rather then bought or found like fallout 1 and 2, so understanding whats required and the skill lvls needed is important for your char. Build.

    My names sims, so if you play and see me, say hi :) I’m in NCR often.