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    There's this guy Garret that went to highschool with me. We were friendly with eachother, but nothing more than talking to eachother during class and occasionally when we bumped into one another. On the first day of highschool, he asked if I did any drugs (I was 14 and the answer was and still is no). He then pulled out a small bag that looked like it had coke in it (keep in mind I was 14 and a freshman in highschool, it could've been real or just him fucking around.

    Anyways, we were in all Honor Classes together, but when I dropped out of the honor classes, I didn't really see him anymore. He was on the fast track to becoming a Pharmacist, and probably would've because he was a pretty good student. Pretty much we went our different paths and didnt see/talk to one another anymore.

    So, two days ago I bump into another acquaintance who was much better friends with Garret, and when I asked how Garret was doing these days, the acquaintance became suddenly silent and bit his knuckle.

    Apparently 6 months after we all graduated from highschool, Garret O.D.'d and has been a vegetable on an I.V. drip ever since. His dad is a very wealthy pharmacist and has kept Garret at his home on sustenance ever since.

    I know kids OD'ing isnt an uncommon thing, but its always crazy when it happens to someone you know.

    SUMMARY: Found out at the beginning of the weekend that an old friend over dosed and has been a vegetable on life support for almost 2 years now.
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    All i could think of while reading the end of your story was drugs are bad, mkay.
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    I only took lethal amounts, didn't want any of that vegetative state shit.
    Drugs are bad mkay.