10 Reasons to Buy Rock Band for your Kids

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    10 Reasons to Buy Rock Band For Your Kids

    [align=right][digg]http://www.digg.com/xbox/10_Reasons_to_Buy_Rock_Band_For_Your_Kids[/digg][/align]If I was still a kid, this is what I'd write to my mom and dad to justify the purchase of Rock Band (perhaps as a birthday gift or for straight-As):

    1. Exercise. Unlike many games which let you sit in the same position for hours moving only your fingers and thumbs, when you play the drums in Rock Band, you will get plenty of exercise to your feet, calves, arms, wrists, and hands.
    2. Socialization. Rock Band is a fun game to play alone, but it becomes exponentially better as more players are added to the mix. A full band is the best and it gives even socially awkward players a way to get along with more people. For this purpose it is one of the best games ever made.
    3. Coordination. The Rock Band drum kit does an excellent job emulating the “real thing”. Players must keep a beat while coordinating four separate drums and a foot pedal at high speeds. This type of coordination is one of the most important motor skills in our modern and multitasking society.
    4. Rhythm. One clear skill most will acquire from playing a game like this is a better sense of rhythm. Playing off the beat in Rock Band will cause you to lose. Players must learn to feel the timing of the music if they want to win.
    5. Clean language and violence-free. If you are at all worried about the content in most of your kids' games or music, rest assured that Rock Band has no real swearing, sex, or violence.

      (let's take a break and watch this drums in action)
      YouTube - And Justice For All (Rock Band Expert Drums 5 Star)
      This is a long clip. Feel free to stop at any time. :D
    6. Fun for all ages. You might have to buy an extra guitar if you have got enough kids wanting to play, but Rock Band creates solid game play for one to four people at a time. Most will find their niche, and then as they trade-off instruments, they develop new skills. If your kids invite you to play, try it! You will probably enjoy this game once you get past the initial learning curve (which takes only a few minutes). It's unlikely you'll have a Partridge family band going, but your kids will have a lot of fun together.
    7. Self-confidence. Since most people that play this game are naturally so bad at it initially, they will feel very rewarded when they can step up the difficulty level and they see their coordination and timing increase. Additionally, players can practice their singing – while playing the drums and guitar might not boost someone's self-esteem, being able to sing in front of others is a sure sign of increased confidence.
    8. Finger dexterity. Whether used for typing, knitting, or operating a dentist's drill – whatever careers or hobbies one pursues, there is a good chance they will be easier with good finger dexterity. Being able to individually move your fingers is an essential survival skill in this world. Most video games work different muscles in the fingers and hands than Rock Band because most games only require you to press buttons or move your thumbs.
    9. Increased interest in music. Everyone can relate to music because it has such a positive effect on our lives. Playing a game where you interact with music, sing the lyrics, jam out the guitar, bass, or drum beats will likely increase your appreciation for it, or even make you believe in your ability to learn the real thing. Sure, you could buy your child a real drum set, but you'd never want to hear him play the thing. You could buy a guitar, but it'd end up in the closet gathering dust a lot faster than a video game.
    10. You will learn more about your children. Perhaps there is a talented musician waiting to be unleashed. You will also enjoy some of the songs, and you might find that you share more interests with your kids than you had previously thought.

    PS – If you are worried that the drums are too loud, you can put foam over them to quiet them down significantly.

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    Disclaimer: Your children may not become rock stars from playing Rock Band.