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UPDATE - 8/4/2004: THIS VERSION OF THE FAQ IS NO LONGER UPDATED. I am no longer responsible for updating the GeForce FAQ. I have handed over maintenance of the FAQ to another website. To see the latest version, go to the following URL:
The copy on this server is maintained for historical purposes and to redirect people to the new site.

As you can see, several people have translated the FAQ into a number of languages for me. You're probably here because the FAQ is not already available in your language and you'd like to translate it.

If you want to translate the FAQ, that's great! I'm afraid I can't offer you hosting, but if you do manage to get the whole thing translated let me know when you have finished and I will put up a link on the main page of the FAQ.

I'm not bothered if you can't promise to update the translation very often, although it would be nice if it was fairly up to date. An out of date FAQ is better than no FAQ at all!

The only thing that I ask is that you will put a note somewhere on the page saying that the latest English version is available at:


Let me know when you start a translation - I'll put your name up here so that people can offer to help you if you want help! If you don't want your email address to appear here (or if it's here already and you want me to take it off), let me know and I'll only supply it on demand.

Thanks a lot, and good luck!

Current Translations in Progress:

Here is a list of all of the translations that I have been informed are going on, or may be going on, along with the email addresses of the translators. If you're looking into starting a translation, you might want to consult this list and see if anyone is already translating into your target language.

If you find that someone is already translating the FAQ into your language you still may be able to help. Email the translator involved and offer to help hem. You may find that they have given up and can give you the work that they started for you to finish.

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