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UPDATE - 8/4/2004: THIS VERSION OF THE FAQ IS NO LONGER UPDATED. I am no longer responsible for updating the GeForce FAQ. I have handed over maintenance of the FAQ to another website. To see the latest version, go to the following URL:
The copy on this server is maintained for historical purposes and to redirect people to the new site.

Please read before emailing me:

I get quite a few emails from various people regarding the FAQ, so I'd appreciate it if you would follow these guidelines when emailing me:

Now that you've read all that, here is a link to my email address, with the subject line already begun for you:

About me

I'm an 18 year old in Colchester, UK, and I've just finished my A-levels (Computing (A, top in country), Economics (A), Latin (A), General Studies (A)) at Colchester Royal Grammar School. I've been messing around with computers for some time, and I bought a Creative Labs Annihilator on a whim after I suddenly had a large quantity of cash - since then VisionTek have given me each new NVIDIA graphics card in return for being able to use the FAQ on their website. I'm now working at my old school as an ICT technician, setting up the new Windows 2000 based network infrastructure, keeping the network running, getting annoyed with slow old Windows 95 clients, learning Linux so that eventually it can take over the network, maintaining and updating the Intranet, writing silly Perl scripts that say how much time is left until the end of term, and finding new ways of stopping people from messing up the system entirely.

I update the FAQ in my spare time, along with spending far too much time on the computer.

I am a Christian, and I go to church at Greenstead Evangelical Free Church. I designed that website as well :)

My system at home is:

My 3DMark 2001 score:

And my favourite games:

If you ever see a guy called Minkus or Borgquite playing online, it might be me. Say Hi!

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